The Outmate

The heroine of The Outmate is found to be a sexually repressed, sexually frustrated woman with intellect and sex drive. She falls in love with a dangerous criminal, hatching a plot to break him free from prison while indulging in her criminal predilection.

Victoria L Trenton is an author, self-proclaimed dreamer, and has a big dash of "The Dark Side." She is highly interested in BDSM and the erotic arts, as well as the criminal mind. Her novels are all pulled from personal experience. She is a strong advocate for prison wives everywhere who endure the pain of waiting for their men to come home. She currently resides in Florida and is working on the third book in The Outmate trilogy, The Sea Wolf.

What is your main character's personality like?

Submissive, frustrated with life, highly sexual, repressed, and intelligent

What some of the details from your book?

Prison breaks, BDSM, romance, and thriller aspects.

Tell me about where you live, some history, and about your occupation.

I'm a full time author and copywriter with two published novels, the third on the way which will complete the trilogy. I write Erotic Crime Thrillers. Adult readers only.

What kind of reader should buy your book?

Adult readers who are interested in BDSM related sex and crime thrillers.

Which writers do you admire?

Anne Rice, Pauline Réage, A.S. Byatt, Anaïs Nin, Philippa Gregory, Ernest Hemingway, JRR Tolkein

Live life out loud. Chrissie Laursen doesn’t date models. Having barely survived her battle with alcoholism and just out of a ten-year marriage that lasted nine years too long, she’s laser focused on her thriving Miami Beach business: promoting erotic photographers in local galleries.

She has no time for the ego driven pretty boys that proliferate in that business. For so long she’s wondered if life and love would ever truly touch her that she decides to go it alone. Then she sees the glacial blue eyes and rugged, animal intensity of Nick Jessup, and her resolve begins to fracture.

Irresistibly drawn to him, she begins a relationship with Nick and soon becomes obsessed with his dominant, controlling personality. Even his dangerous past doesn’t scare her. But before their charged sexual energy culminates in passion, the peril of Nick’s past explodes into the present and he is sentenced to thirty-five years in prison for a horrific crime. Faced with the reality that her life can either return to the empty normalcy she’s always known or continue through the terrifying and exhilarating doorway that Nick’s arrival has opened…she makes a decision to do something that will never allow her to go back to the fragile life she’s just rebuilt. A wild, erotic, and powerful journey of self-discovery, The Outmate shimmers with the intensity of what it means to be human—and the clarity that comes with finding your truth before it’s too late.