Jimmy's Unrequited Love

Earl Thompson

Young Adult Drama

Gem was unhappy. But she remembered times when she was happy. Those were times when she had had the man of her dreams. He was everything to her and he had given her love like she had never had it before. She thought this love was going to last forever, but then she got pregnant and that changed everything. He had previously told her he didn't want a child, but she had thought that once he found out, his love for her would prevail and they would be happy forever. But she was wrong. Now fifteen years later he was back and he told her that in order for everything to be as they previously were, she would have to correct the mistake she had made in the past. Gem was now obsessed with him and was now willing to do whatever it took to get him back into her life, even if it meant committing the ultimate crime




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277 pages

What has influenced your writing?

As a kid, I loved reading, as a result, I started to write. I also love to watch movies.

What is your motivation for writing?

My love for reading is one, and I hope that one day I could live from doing what I love.

When did you start writing and what got you started?

I started writing pretty early. My love for the English language, I love when I see the written words on page.

Do you have any upcoming writing goals?

Well, I'm always writing. I write songs, screenplays, and poetry as well.

What is your strong or weak point in your writing style?

My strong point is my desire to always write. I write on a daily basis.

Which writers do you admire?

James Patterson