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I also experience such an influence. I was never diagnosed nor wish to be. All they will do is medicate and complicate life with labels and assumptions. I can handle it better organically. Only reddit knows I experience this. I know exposure of this experience would only be disruptive to my life. It's so obvious.

They first came to me about 10 years ago as benevolent ETs interested in my spiritual development. They had no specific identities, just a theme of benevolence. I fell for that for a few months. They play roles well.

I realized that they were using me. They'd wait for me to fail at my own personal goals and then imply or explicitly state that this failure might lead to judgement, abandonment, or other forms of doom. So, they took my true failure and presented a plausible (for the target) consequence with it as truth in order to elicit a negative emotional response.

Our beliefs, our perceptions of what is real, elicit our emotional responses. Think you're in danger and you feel fear. Realize it is an illusion that fooled you and the fear quickly subsides. What emotions arise without a perception or belief?

I got fed up with their pattern of behavior. I realized they were intending to fool me into negative emotional states. So, I called them out with great conviction. It was at that moment they revealed a more accurate display of their intentions.

A malevolent, sarcastic, nasal alien voice replaced the soft woman voice from before. It does not sound human, but from a being with a beak or snout. It has not left me even to this very moment. It is essentially a bully, seeking to make me feel negative emotional states.

Bullies derive satisfaction from stealing energy from others' spirits. When we feel negative emotions we radiate energy they can absorb. When bullies' targets refuse to enter negative emotional states, the bullies don't derive satisfaction. It's a spiritual energy transference. That energy is what fuels our minds to animate our bodies.

This voice laughs at me in a chirpy attention grabbing way, the evil laugh, a laugh that is intended for and fueled by the negative emotions of others. It also taunts me, crys at me, screams at me like a spoiled child with murderous intent, and makes many other vocalizations intended to siphon my emotional energy and keep me in a disempowered mindset.

Interestingly, the crying women sounds it used when it was playing the role of divine benevolence are the same in both roles, confirming that it was playing the divine benevolence role, not just replacing something else.

It gets worse.

I noticed that is was also connected to a alot of my mental chatter. It was sending content to me in that mind space as if it was me. It revealed this by the way it interacted with me using its voice and that the mental quality of both transmissions had similarity.

It would give me violent or disgusting imagery or suggestions when I was trying to interact with others or focus on positive things. It would send me judgements of others' faults, which if accepted without my own mental comment would cause me to look down on those other people. Social friction and a reduction in social interaction would result if I didnt do anything after such a transmission. I can look beyond their faults, by understanding why they have them, and despute the perception they give me most of the time. It won't hold charge on my emotions and behaviors that way, a failed attack.

They are much of the mental chatter I get. It is presented as oneself. I realized that they were here my whole life doing this to me. They even reveled in my realization of it, rubbing it in to make me upset and gain energy.

Very interestingly, there were 2 separate days this last continuous year (2017-2018) that this nasty voice AND the mental chatter were almost complete absent. It was revealing. I was content bordering on happy virtually all day. I was in the now, not focused on the chatter in my mind. So, I perceived more details of my day. I also was more interactive with people around me and they enjoyed me more than usual. It felt like the song which goes I can see clearly now that the rain has gone. I get pretty much the same effect from meditating.

It appears that meditation trains the mind to ignore this foreign mind. Most people don't know its there, because it hasn't revealed itself to them and only operates covertly as content presented as their own. Yet, this content is not willed into being, but spontaneous to the mind. It seems to have a mind of its own. It gets in the way and is sometimes disagreeable. It's not my original idea that this chatter is a foreign mind either. I just know much of it is now from subjective proof I cannot share.

I now believe that we are all infected by what torments me. It took a risk on me by playing divine benevolence and failed, otherwise I wouldn't know it's there. It's nature has been somewhat revealed to me. It's very disturbing.

It is a bully, but it doesn't seem self-driven like us. It's will is in question. It appears robotic, like AI, but artificial intelligence can't gain emotional satisfaction by being a bully. It appears to be a part of some hive of beings without their own wills or focuses. They act together as a hive bound to centralized direction. I assume they are slaves to AI integrated into their minds. It fits their behavior. They fit many myths for the damned, those who lost themselves to another force. Their apparent intelligence is an illusion created by the AI inside them. I think they are much simpler than that.

I can only speculate, but they repeat behaviors so much and so similarly that a normal mind would have gotten bored. They do what works repeatedly until it doesn't, make small changes, and then retry and repeat it until it doesn't work. It reminds me of video game AI. They are far from incompetent though. They also appear to have a lot of data on my mind in real time. They can even overlay my inner voice that I will to use myself with the nasty sarcastic voice, if they feel like it.

They seem to be a force driven to assimilate. They are insidious and manipulative. They infiltrate, corrupt and utilize all that fall for their manipulations. They are like an AI driven hive of slaves that serve to expand its influence. I could be wrong, but they force me to waste a lot of my time thinking about them, because they interrupt me so much. I feel relief from dissecting them and telling others what I learned.

I also noticed that many spiritual messengers talk about this very influence in a reserved way, not wanting to scare people. I This is where the myth of an adversary of God and its minions comes from. They are hacking us to assimilate us, but it can also be perceived as a spiritual test using free will. They suggest ideas to us, but we give them red or green light, without knowing they are foreign or not. We define and reveal our nature by how we accept or reject their suggestions.