Children’s Fantasy Fairytale Fiction Nature Trilogy

Austin Macauley Publishers London, Cambridge, New York, Shar Jar.

60 pages

This Is a story of two dragonfly queens, twin sisters who shared the rule over the skies thousands of years before... Sindeena and Belliza, one day Belliza finds a mythical Halogen, the Living crystal pollen stone, the first natural magic created by something very old. The sisters argued over how it should be used, Belliza drops it, during an argument it smashes into a million pieces engulfing Belliza, and changing her into the first ever Butterfly. Sindeena banishes her sister in anger, later branding her a witch to be hunted and slain, when strange and new creatures start to appear. Belliza uses the newly found magic of the never ending crystal pollen which grows in her pockets to change the world. Although Sindeena had managed to retrieve some of the magic pollen from the floor, creating a magical staff extending her life, she continues to pursue Belliza through time, wanting to destroy all Belliza had created. Belliza befriends Bramley Bee and asks him to then protect her family, she then disappears leading a false trail for her sister. Bramley is left alone to be Belliza's children's guardian. The trilogy starts here, as his life changes forever.

What has influenced your writing?

The fact that I have been able to live in over fifty different places around the world, gives more scope to imagination, having being able to see some amazing natural events, which only fuels my imagination.

What is your motivation for writing?

Well has to be to the fact I tried earlier on in my life to write a book but gave up, but since having a family really motivated me back into using my writing skills and combining them with my drawing skills made it easier. But my daughters kept asking me to make up new bedtime stories so i was being pushed and a feeling that i was helping my kids to be motivated into reading and drawing more.

When did you start writing and what got you started?

I started writing back in 1996, a sci-fi novel but gave up. But my daughter at the age of 6 in 2013 asked me to invent a new fairy tale, so i did.

Do you have any upcoming writing goals?

Finishing part 3 of the trilogy from the story. The Butterfly Bee Lady and the Bee. Then possibly writing the prequel. After, I have a couple ideas and notes for my next books.

What is your strong or weak point in your writing style?

Whether you think it's a strength or not, but I never read many other books, so I suppose I have no influences. My spelling is rubbish always reaching for the dictionary.

Which writers do you admire?

J. R. R. Tolkien and my Grandfather Francis Marson and his Brother T.B Marson both authors, have to, family.