Justin Mann

When a rogue planet threatens to destroy the Earth, three astronauts are sent on a mission to avert the crisis. There, they encounter a hostile environment, filled with dangers at every step, ranging from volcanic eruptions to vicious alien creatures. However, they soon discover that the greatest threat comes from within their group, as distrust starts to seep in their hearts.

Call the Expanse Sky

What is your main character's personality like?

The main characters are three astronauts sent on a mission to save the Earth. They don't trust each other and disagreements often happen between them. They are very different people, each of them with a different set of priorities, fears and secrets.

What settings are present in your book?

The story takes place on a rogue planet that is on a collision course with Earth. It's atmosphere is heated up by geothermal energy and evolution has taken a strange course in the perpetual night time.

Tell me about where you live, some history, and about your occupation.

I like in the United Kingdom, where I work as an engineer in renewable energy.

What kind of reader should buy your book?

A science fiction fan with more interest in the human condition than in gadgets.

Which writers do you admire?

Jules Verne and H. G. Wells for being pioneers of the science fiction genre. J. R. R. Tolkien for painting landscapes with words and creating such a rich world. Miguel de Cervantes for his compelling characters and his blend of drama and comedy.