Sean M. Hollows

A Hunt for Hymns

$1 Fantasy Short Story

"A Hunt for Hymns" is the demo piece for a series of unrelated short stories that will be posted on here in the coming months. Sean M. Hollows is an aspiring indie writer that specializes in fantasy action pieces, but also dabbles in all sorts of genres, which will be exemplified in these shorter pieces.

That's no horn. Two boys from a mountain village are assaulted by a booming roar. It churns their insides unnaturally. Though shaken, they set out to investigate immediately, where the eldest son takes lead to meet the sound with his blade. And his brother, who clung to his steps like a shadow. They trek headfirst up the mountain in the hopes that they can snuff out whatever is producing the assault. But are they ready to face what lies in wait?

Author Interview

What has influenced your writing?

Many mediums, the least--I'd say--being actual books. Real life, mixed with bombastic TV action. The idea that fantasy can be separated from reality in a multitude of interesting ways.

What is your motivation for writing?

To tell the stories I've always wanted to tell. Honing my writing craft, I can bend and twist the scene at will, rather than more costly means would allow me to.

When did you start writing and what got you started?

At fourteen, on a weeb website called GaiaOnline. In fact, that OC character is now the star--and distanced from his slightly embarrassing origins--in my manuscript in progress, due out in June.

Do you have any upcoming writing goals?

To become the next J.K Rowling, without the smarm and political diatribes.

What is your strong or weak point in your writing style?

I handle emotive pieces very well, very heavy and appropriately somber/hectic tonality. Though, I'd benefit from handling more logistical details when needed.

Which writers do you admire?

Danie Ware has become a new favorite of mine, but I started on Stephen King -- like many entering the writing world. Shoutout to Ernest Cline. I'm excited to see what he has in the works.