War Unknown

Volume One: Phase of Reality

Krystal Gale

I wish to write whatever I want and for my readers to keep an open mind about me and my series. Wordpress

Science Fiction: Action: Mecha: Futuristic Cities: Battle Arenas: Secret Base

Phase Eternity is one of the most popular MMO games out there. It has a massive fan base with millions of players and thousands of people are logged in every day. What makes it truly unique is its play style: you get to pilot a human sized robot of your own design. Every year the best of the best gather to fight in a special tournament to determine whose the best in each entire country. You think a title like that would be the main highlight of the event but there's something else that grabs everyone's attention.

A strange rumor that the winner gets a special prize from the developers. Is it new armor? An item? Since past winners have never answered any questions about it no one ever knows the truth. This rumor is what draws Blake Wilson and his best friend Scott Chesterfield to entering the tournament. What is this strange grand prize and is this really all just a game?