Predictoe: The Novel Writer uses Markov chains generated from a text file to guide the word choice of your next story to imitate the source text. You may use this app to create original stories that mimic the original file.Write like your favorite author

  • Learn about Markov chains
  • Export and share story as text
  • Upload your own source corpus to get custom words
  • Add punctuation to perfect the sentence structure.
  • Use multiple sources to participate in a new form of art

Predictoe is a simple way to write a story.

  1. Step 1: Find a text file you want to copy
  2. Step 2: Use Predictoe to choose grammatically correct sentences that mimic the source.

Voila! Effortless. But you must be precise in your grammar, because the computer wants to debunk English reason. The phone you're using has a suggestive keyboard, right? That's the same technology this app uses to make phrases. When you guide the computer, something new is happening that I can't describe.


  • PUNCTUATION . (period) ! (exclamation) ? (question) , (comma)
  • Refresh button: create a new word list in the red area where your choices are generated
  • 1< : Select the number of words in the phrases you pick from
  • Checkbox "To End": phrases will continue until they reach a period if checked
  • RETURN: Create a new paragraph. Press this button if you have no options in the red area.
  • BACKSPACE: Delete previous word and choose a new one


Read the most recent text in the white bar, then finish the phrase by choosing from one of the options in the red area. You may scroll down to see up to 60 choices. To make a readable story, keep in mind grammar and use your backspace key often. Experiment with different flows (by selecting longer phrases, up to eight words, or checking "To End") and get to a skill where you can write quickly. Then you'll have a novel on your hands! Press Share to email, text, post or export to any app.

You can write stories like this with Predictoe

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