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For finding corpora in text format, this app delivers up to 40k classic literature books by English authors for download to your phone and use. Search for your class project and find the full text of any classic book for free. Write a book report on your school topic by downloading research materials with this app.

Download fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and government titles

Over 40,000 unique classic English literature books from world-famous authors in a searchable archive for downloading

Since 2015, I've been using the Gutenberg Library to process many text files using Python. One of my early ideas was made into my other app Predictoe. When I made Predictoe, I thought it only needed one thing: a quick way to download text files. So I got my Gutenberg database and learned how to code Python Flask for the internet requests in my app.

I'm going to give the app ads soon. I learned through AdWords I can cheaply get downloads from users in the Play Store, but I'd like to compensate for that cost with income from ads.

Once I give the app interstitial ads following book downloads, I probably won't make any more changes to the app. I considered adding ratings, but my desktop computer is failing and I can't imagine doing all the processing in Python to give every single book a rating.

The intended purpose of this app is to pair it with Predictoe for generating Markov stories. You have 40k text files to choose from as a source corpus. Endless fun can be had generating strange stories for you and your friends.

I also expect this to be a handly tool for any authors who want to brush up on their classical reading. They say the best writers read all the time, and I hope I helped in that endeavor at least. It has most classic English literature books present.

The visual design of the app is simple because I'm not experienced with programming. I taught myself how to program Python and Android apps! I'm a bachelor, 28, living on a fixed income in Oklahoma. I still think this app is quite the accomplishment.

I want a better way to browse the books by category, but I'm almost out of energy for Babelli. Hopefully, I can continue to partner with my colleague and improve this app even further after I give it ads. Enjoy my hard work! Keep it handy for skimming incredibly rare novels.

Copypasta Publishing has a website link on the Play store page and you should visit it to get more information about my indie publishing company. I run everything for now (hoping to get help in October) and I would be glad to look at your book. Or, if you'd like to look at mine, that would be fine too.

I also have a social media site for my nom de plume at CaesarNaplesWiki.org. Together, these apps, websites, books, and properties make up my business, Copypasta. And I do it all on a fixed income!

I'm learning how to use ads to generate audiences. Since I started, I've sold less than 5 ebooks but with mastery of AdWords I hope I can get some sales started. The biggest challenge so far has been selling books, which is unfortunately what the publisher thrives on. So, I'm keeping my eyes open for a spin off business to run with all the assets I've created so far.

I'd also be willing to allow investors control of Copypasta Publishing (probably in October when I finish this period of work) so if you're interested, definitely visit my website and send an email. The goal of Copypasta is to lower the barriers between authors and publishers, and allow more books to slip through to storefronts. I think the ebook version of these less fortunate books hold their own special value, and of course it's very special to me and the author. It's just those pesky profits I'm after! I need a business partner in October 2018 to plan operations for Copypasta Publishing with me to achieve more profitable goals.

I hope you enjoy my app and keep it installed long enough on your phone to see the updates. My computer is slowly breaking down and I can't even run Android Studio on my current installation of Windows. Parting advice: program an Android app. Anyone can do it and everyone should be. It makes you use your brain in healthful ways and will increase your IQ score. Trust me, I got tested!

It's 120, btw.